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Turn your iPhone into a smart sensor to control Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled STEM projects. 


  • WHAT IS KORTEXINO? - The Kortexino app uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms of iPhoneX to sense facial expressions and 3D face position and orientation. It then transmits this information to your STEM project. Find out more...
  • EASY START - Example open-source Arduino code to read and interpret Bluetooth communication. Find out more...
  • MAKE YOUR OWN SMART ROBOT - Example project for face position and facial expression based robot control. Find out more...
  • FUN FOR KIDS - 5 animated cartoon characters that live in the app and ride along your robot projects. Find out more...
  • SEE WHAT KORTEXINO THINKS - "Brain Mode" with display of raw sensor data that is transmitted via Bluetooth. Find out more...
  • QUICK AND FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY - Built in auto-detection of HM-10, Romeo BLE or custom Bluetooth devices. Kortexino requires iPhoneX or later.

The Kortexino AI

  • 3D FACE POSITION AND ORIENTATION  - The AI in Kortexino precisely measures face distance and the face angle relative to device (yaw, pitch and roll).
  • FACIAL EXPRESSIONS - Kortexino measures how much you smile, kiss, put your tongue out, open your mouth, wink your right or left eye, pull your brows up or down, show your teeth, widen your eyes, frown, or close both eyes.
  • EMOTION DETECTION - You can use this information in your own project to detect emotions that are related to these facial expressions.
  • REQUIREMENTS - The Kortexino app requires Face ID (iPhone X or later, or iPad Pro (11") or later) for full functionality. The Kortexino Bot requires iPhone X or later.

Programming Kortexino


Use a few lines of code to make your own face-controlled behaviors. The Bluetooth interface of Kortexino is very simple and easily implemented in any language. Arduino code is already provided to read all the AI sensor data from the Kortexino app. The Arduino code also provides an interface to the Kortexino bot, which can be 3D printed and assembeld from standard electronics parts.

Make a Kortexino Bot


3D print a Kortexino Bot! Ready-to-print 3D files are provided to print the Kortexino bot. You just require a few more components for this project.

  • 8x M2.5 countersunk screws 11mm length or shorter
  • 3x M2.5 nuts
  • 2x M2 buttoned screws 8-10mm length
  • 2x M2 nuts
  • 2x silicone O-ring 45mmx38mmx3.5mm (for wheels)
  • 2x N30 motor 300rpm DC 6V
  • 1x SS-12F15G6 SPDT panel switch
  • 1x 9V battery snap connector with plain wire ends
  • 1x 9V battery
  • 1x Romeo BLE mini
  • Wires and soldering equipment

The Kortexino Interface


Choose your own interface! Younger kids will love the 5 detailed, animated characters that interact with them on the screen. Older kids will appreciate the detailed information provided in "Brain mode", in which you can see the precise sensor readings, which are transmitted via Bluetooth.